Model 7001 80-Channel Switch System Mainframe

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Scan at up to 165 channels/sec for exceptional system throughput.
  • Two-slot, half-rack mainframe accommodates up to 80 two-pole channels or crosspoints for optimal use of rack space
  • Graphical channel status display shows the status of each channel simultaneously, making it much easier to configure, modify, or debug a test system.
  • Supports more than 40 different switch cards, including multiplex, matrix, RF, low-level, and I/O control.
  • Switch cards offer exceptional signal integrity and are available with removable screw terminal blocks, D-sub or DIN connectors, or SMA/SMB jacks for simplified cabling and increased reliability.
  • Drivers available for LabVIEW™, LabWINDOWS/CVI, and TestPoint™ to simplify and accelerate test program development.

The Model 7001 is a high-speed, half-rack, high-density, two-slot switch/control mainframe. It offers the industry's most advanced set of features and capabilities to enable users to optimize the performance of their production test systems:

Setup and maintenance are simplified by the graphical channel status display and mass-term cabling hookup.

Signal integrity is maintained by the careful use of design techniques that minimize channel crosstalk, EMI/RFI interference, and power line disturbances-both in the mainframe and on the cards.

Ultra-high throughput is achieved through the use of programmable scan lists, memory patterns, and triggering, which enable the 7001 to synchronize with and control other instruments in the ATE rack without the need for or overhead of a PC.

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Several units in stock, VG condition, with copy Operators / Programmers manual.  Some units still have the original protective plastic over the display  Keithley 7001:  $ 400