Tektronix SI5010 Programmable Scanner

The SI5010 programmable scanner provides the capability of switching and routing up to 16 high-frequency input and/or output signals.  It always maintains a clean 50 ohm environment through the use of 50 ohm coaxial reed relays.

  • Software configurable as:
    • 1 group of 16 channels
    • 2 groups of 8 channels
    • 4 groups of 4 channels
  • 350 MHz Bandwidth in 4-Chanel Configuration
  • External Handshake Lines
  • Built-In Time-of-Day and Pacing Clock
  • Command Buffer for Controller Free Operation

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Description of SN B010883

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This SI5010 is in VG+, it's a nice one. $175

Description of SN B010100

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This SI5010 is in good to very good condition.  $ 150

Three additional units, SN B011054, B010995, B010996 came oout of IBM and are in VG+ condition $ 175 ea.